Onyx Stone

Divine Studio Onyx StoneDo you plan to renovate your kitchen or bathroom? Well, you must use a reliable construction material like onyx stone. Onyx stone is a decorative stone that you can use for your kitchen, and other remodel projects. It comes with different surface designs and colors that can match to your taste and style.

This material features the natural beauty and richness of tones that are perfect to give you creative finish and designs. With this semiprecious stone, you can make your visitors to leave a good impression about your home. It can create an elegant and precious appeal that will make your home a beautiful and refreshing area.

If you need a trusted partner for onyx stone, then you must choose Divine Studio Kitchen & Bath. They can provide you with different designs and finishes that can suit your home style. Some of their collection includes the following:

  • Giallo Crystal
  • Hagia Sophia
  • Honey
  • Icy
  • Multi Green
  • Multi Red

They have a team that will always accommodate your needs. They have a quality onyx stone that can be the best construction material for your countertops. Onyx stone is a banded stone that is produced from limestone. Its color variation comes from redepositing and dissolving of the limestone. This luminescent stone comes with a black, white and another color in between.

Color and appearance of onyx stone change through the light variations.  It is perfect building material that can make your renovation project a success. In Biblical times, onyx is commonly used for artist’s carvings and jewelry. In Egyptian times, it is used to produce pottery items and bowls. With the help of the innovation of technology, it can be now used as a construction material.  

Onyx tiles are ideal to use in kitchens, bathrooms and other home areas. It has color variations so that it can create a unique appearance like a fireplace. The onyx stone is not hard like marble, so it must be carefully cut. It is considered a fragile nature stone. The onyx tiles can be cut with the use of a diamond blade for a clean cut. It is advisable to use cement backer board when installing onyx tiles.

This stone is not as durable as marble or granite. It is therefore needed for you to keep its regular maintenance for its longevity and maximum efficiency. Onyx tiles are now famous for floors, walls and countertops projects because of its beauty and elegance. If you aim to transform your home into a creative and relaxing place, this material can significantly help.

If you want quality onyx stone, you can always depend on Divine Studio Kitchen & Bath. They can give you the best collection of onyx stone that you can choose to incorporate to your home. You have nothing to doubt because they prioritize the quality of their products and the satisfaction of their customers. They will never fail you because you can receive superior onyx stone at a very affordable cost. Your money and time invested in their products will give you a satisfying return of investment.