Quartz Engineered Stone

Divine Studio Silestone KitchenQuartz engineered stone is among the most commonly used materials for kitchen or bathroom remodeling. This material is made from quartz crystals that are joined together through a resin binder. It has the same appearance to the natural stone. However, they have many benefits compared to other natural materials.

Why choose quartz engineered stone?

  • Attractive appearance

If you look for an elegant-looking home material, the quartz engineered stone is a perfect choice. It has a lovely design that can catch the attention of your guests. With this, your visitors can leave you with overwhelming compliments about the beauty of your home. The quartz engineered stone comes with beautiful texture and colors like the slate and granite.

Using quartz engineered stone as a construction material is the best idea since it can integrate all types of home style and designs. It is excellent to help you have a peaceful and relaxing mood in your place. The good thing about this material is that you can pick your favorite color, style, and design that highly matches to your personality. Some of these colors include rose, earth tones, grays and more. Meanwhile, the colors are made from the quartz ‘natural color. You can also use colorants to attain your desired tone.

  • Sturdy and durable

Quartz engineered stone is hard as granite. With this, you have nothing to doubt about cracks and possible damages. It also has an excellent resistance against heat. So, you can have peace of mind even a hot pan was placed above it. It can’t easily be affected by cuts and scratches. However, it is not always recommended to put a cutting board on the top of it.

  • Easy to clean

The quartz engineered stone is a porous material. It is one of its downfalls because it opens the room for bacteria. Fortunately, countertops that are made from quartz engineered stone are very easy to clean and maintain. With that, you can still have a clean, organized and safe kitchen or bathroom.

When you work with raw vegetables, meat, or fish in your kitchen, the quartz engineered stone will assure you for the food safety.

  • The surfaces can withstand against stain

This material comes with strong resistance against stain compared to other natural stone. It is made with high quality and durability, so it can last longer and provide you with perfect efficiency. It is the perfect material for countertops that can make your kitchen look gorgeous.

  • Wide options

The best about the quartz engineered stone is that you can have more customized designs, colors, and styles that you can choose from. With this, you can get the one that can best incorporate your home. It is the best alternative if you want to have low maintenance.

Meanwhile, if you want to get the best quality of this construction material, then you must choose the products of Divine Studio Kitchen & Bath. They can offer you with excellent designs that will satisfy your needs. With them, you will not spend more money to get the best quartz engineered stone.